If you are on a low income because you are a student or are on benefits, I am willing to discuss options with you.  However, proof of your circumstances will be required.

£25 p/h for both services together.
Please be aware that your quote will depend on the quality of the writing and estimated time to complete.
These two services are not offered separately.
At this time I am not taking on full manuscripts unless the work is to be submitted on a chapter by chapter basis (or a small block of chapters).



£15 p/h (pieces must be chapters or short stories).
Includes quick (not full) proofread and line edit.

* Looks at writing style and the direction your fiction writing is taking.
* Helps you to find the best ways of developing your author’s voice.
* Assists you in creating 3-dimensional characters and settings. 

I specialise in fantasy and science fiction.
I will consider package prices for individuals; please send an enquiry to discuss.

£25 for one article up to 1000 words.

Please be specific about the nature of the literary content you would like to be covered.  Check the blog for examples on what I am able to cover.  If you would like to publish any of my blog posts from either this website or my author blog site The Definitive Journal on your e-zine/magazine/newspaper, you may do so for a one off payment of £12.50 per post if there is a charge to customers for your publication.  If your publication is free, please send an enquiry.  Any posts marked as being on Blackheath Dawn or any other source will also require their permission.


1.) Payment is required up front and over PayPal.
2.) All prices shown on this website are per hour with approximate number of words, and are estimations, not final quotations.
3.) I reserve the right to alter the prices on this website at any time.
4.) I reserve the right to advise and quote you prices according to the amount and quality of the work you are submitting.

More details pending.