Writing Support With a Difference

Most proofreaders may only look for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and perhaps formatting; that’s their primary function.  However, wouldn’t it be more helpful if a line edit was done on your work as well, and at the same time? Line editing looks at your writing style more in depth, such as: run on sentences and tightening the writing style; repetition and word choice; paragraphs that don’t read well; and eliminating the overuse of certain words, among other things.  This means a more thorough job can be done on your writing.


Many writers struggle with their writing.  Whether it’s character creation, building the setting, coming up with a plot, looking for inspiration, or just knowing what to write, we all struggle with one or more of those things.  By having a mentor who understands the difficulties budding writers face, you can learn about the various methods you can take to giving your writing the direction it needs, while also improving on your writing style at the same time.  A mentor should endeavour to guide you whether you need help with your world-building, the creation of 3-dimensional characters/settings, or just need some ideas on how to build and develop a story.

Articles/features on writing techniques can be a great way of helping writers to improve and develop their author’s voice and their skills in storytelling.  Whether it’s about character creation, plotting, description, or anything else, reading literary advice from different writers can assist aspiring writers to pick the angle that works for them.  See the blog for some examples.  The blogs are free to read on these websites, but there are some restrictions should other publications wish to use them, or should they desire a tailored piece of writing.